Vision & Mission

Our Vision: Metals for a Cleaner, Healthier World

Our vision at Deer Horn Capital is to is to help solve some of the world's most urgent problems by providing minerals vital to a low-carbon economy as well as new, emerging technologies related to the advancement of clean energy and fresh water.

Our Mission: Canada’s First Ag-Au-Te Mine , Become a Primary Tellurium Supplier

Our mission is to develop Canada’s first silver-gold-tellurium (Ag-Au-Te) mine at the Deer Horn Property in British Columbia, followed by development of the property’s other mineralized zones that contain tungsten, copper, bismuth, lead, zinc and molybdenum. Believing that tellurium demand will increase in the near future, we will also seek other primary tellurium properties in North America. By supplying tellurium and silver in particular, we intend to support North America’s shift to a solar electric economy. We will develop the Deer Horn Project as a small-scale mine with a minimal environmental footprint and First Nations sanction and participation.

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