Cheona Metals/First Nations


From left-to-right, Allen Edzerza, Deer Horn Chairman Tony Fogarassy and Deer Horn QP Bob Lane discuss prospecting for the new partnership.

A Partnership to conduct mineral exploration on First Nations territory in Northern British Columbia.

Deer Horn has partnered with Cheona Metals and First Nation mineral exploration entrepreneur Mr. Allen Edzerza to explore highly prospective areas of northern British Columbia.

Structure and Purpose
Deer Horn was invited to participate in the venture as part of Deer Horn's mission to partner with First Nations groups.

Partnership Strategy

  1. Prospect and stake prospective ground with First Nations input and employment
  2. Exploration with First Nations participation and employment
  3. Project development and/or vending

Benefits to Deer Horn shareholders:

  1. Aligns with Deer Horn's mission of partnering with First Nations to ensure sustainable operations while building wealth and value for shareholders and all stakeholders
  2. Provides opportunities for Deer Horn to be a project generator in a highly prospective area; possibility of near-term cash flow and long-term royalty revenue
  3. Opens new funding opportunities (i.e. government, NGOs, others) outside of traditional resource models
  4. Gives Deer Horn access to a very large and highly prospective area with established infrastructure
  5. Low-cost entry with considerable long-term leverage potential
  6. Unique exploration/revenue model for junior resource industry
  7. Innovative approach to acquiring prospective ground
  8. Combines hard science for mineral exploration with holistic First Nations approach of mineral knowledge gained over 10,000 years of being on the land