Metals for Clean Energy

Contributing to Solutions for Climate Change and a Low-Carbon Economy

At Deer Horn Capital, we are fortunate to hold an asset that can contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel usage as well as the amount of carbon pumped into the atmosphere. The Deer Horn Project’s silver and tellurium are both key to the manufacture of solar panels and other related progressive technologies.

Bloomberg News reported recently that the world is now adding more capacity for renewable power each year than coal, natural gas and oil combined. While this is good news for climate change and clean air, it means the world requires more tellurium and silver than ever before.

Silver, tellurium, indium, gallium and lithium are considered critical to photovoltaic energy and new battery storage technology. Availability of these metals will be essential to ensure these technologies continue to grow and evolve.

One of our long-term objectives is to grow the Deer Horn Project through brownfield exploration and expand our expected output of both tellurium and silver.

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